Who we are

The African Investigative Publishing Collective (AIPC) is an association of veteran investigative journalists who have dedicated their working -and often also private- lives to the exposure of wrongs in their societies.

It is inspired by a commitment to dig deeper, unearth injustice and uncover truths in the public interest, that is, in the service of democracy, transparency and development.

The AIPC brings you investigative, in-depth stories from the African continent, exposing injustices and digging up hidden truths in the public interest. It publishes in Africa locally and regionally, but also internationally. It does so with a view to impact and social change, both globally and in Africa.

We face many obstacles in doing what we do. Not only is our work often risky; we also lack editorial support, time and resources. It is only through grants and project funding that we can do what we do. Click here to donate

Transnational Investigations


The African Investigative Publishing Collective is proud to launch its new series of transnational investigations. The 'TI's', on subjects ranging from terror to malaria to witchcraft were conducted over the second half of last year and the first months of 2016. They span sixteen countries, of which thirteen in Africa and three in Europe. A total of twenty-four journalists (eighteen from Africa and six from AIPC partner ZAM's European network) delved into under-explored realities and came up with surprising conclusions. Find out how malaria aid has worsened the epidemic in Ghana; how politicians are extorted by 'witches' in Cameroon and how a General has partnered with a multinational to plunder gemstones in Mozambique. Read about Botswana's rising securocracy and about heroic civil servants who fight corruption from within. Understand how the War on Terror, as it is conducted now, only leads to more terrorism in Kenya and Mali. Read the African Investigative Publishing Collective's new Transnational Investigation series on the home page. The projects, involving a total of twenty-four journalists, were all headed by an AIPC member. Editorial support for the investigations came from ZAM (www.zammagazine.com) whilst the projects were made possible financially by OxfamNovib. Eighteen media worldwide are co-publishing the stories.

In Focus

A military-only approach to terrorism in East and West Africa only creates more and more terrorists. An AIPC-ZAM team discovered ...